Friday, February 22, 2013

Saint Lisa

To Lisa ...god bless you truly are a saint

This is the beginning of a blog dedicated to people who escape from dangerous cults....

2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. 

Many important Jewish leaders have belonged to the tribe of Judah.
 For example the literary prophets Isaiah, Amos, Habakkuk, Joel, Micah, Obadiah, Zechariah, and Zephaniah, belonged to the tribe.

 Later, during the Babylonian Exile, the Exilarchs (officially recognised community leaders) claimed Davidic lineage,

 and when the Exile ended, Zerubbabel (the leader of the first Jews to return to Yehud province) was also of the Davidic line,

 as were Shealtiel (a somewhat mysterious figure) and Nehemiah (one of the earliest and most prominent Achamenid-appointed governors of Yehud). 

In the time of Roman rule, all the holders of the office of NAZI NASI(prince) after Shemaiah, claimed Davidic lineage, through Hillel, who was rumoured have maternal lineage from the Davidic line.


卐 = ASH / family tree ...  KE/=QUE?/=WHO?WHAT?... NAZI(C) NAZI <WHO ?WHAT THEY ARE.... ASH ~KE~ NAZIC

 This is brian marshall..he claims to be g@d

Look what I found on the History of the Golightly Family Crest:
 This English nickname of GOLIGHTLY was perhaps given to a messenger
. The name was originally derived from the Old English word GON (to go) and LIHTLY (lightly and swiftly). 

In Scotland the name has altered into various forms, and is of uncertain origin, perhaps an unidentified habitation name. 

The earliest known bearer is William Galithli, who witnessed a charter at the beginning of the 13th century. Henry Gellatly,

 the illegitimate son of William the Lion, of whom little is known, was the grandfather of Patric Galythly, one of the pretenders to the crown of Scotland in 1291 (

and he uses the Gwaltney Family Crest but only mentions Golightly in his Epically Long drawn out article (THE TRUE HISTORY OF THE WORLD) on my lisawonders.wordpress site. 

If you look it up the Golightly Shield is totally different than the Gwaltney one. Typical How marshall works magic voodoo, blending varying sources to come up with his con.

do an image search on golightly family crest.
 then on my lisa4everwonders.blogspot Dec 2009 article (Note from Lisa: The 

Birth of Jesus Christ was June 17 2BC) shows the Crest marshall made and changed Gwaltney to Golightly for his own self worth to inflate his Ego.

 He's married to Janelle (Hore)Führer..Ashera
she wants alex jones head on a platter...sounds like salomi to me


Start watchin at 14:00 janelle winding up for her Dis on Jeremy and Kasia. Janelle is Utterly an unsympathetic pig of a woman, tear in into Kasia who is said to have major depression and just recently had a new baby girl. Congratulations on the new additon Honey, Hoping you are feeling better soon. Dont worry about what the Mother of All DEAD things says. She's a mental cast off, not worth anything good in the scheme of your life. A Spiteful Fear Mongering Biatch is all she is. Even so Jer, I hope your standing by Kasia as she really needs you right now along with your 2 precious little girls, Janelle is saying your a devil and wants your Head on a platter along with Alex Jones!
She is saying that the 'Bloodline" (25:00) will continue through Adam and Klaudia ??? Hows does that work? lol Thru Martha but not brian lol. as this Spewing attack contiues... on with Janelle ADMITTING They STOLE Jeremy Vorhee's Money! at (26:00) she says Yes we Confiscated your worldy treasures you Fuckwit! Can they go to jail now?!? Did Janelle Falsifiy her Passport to Fiji also, like she did with New Guinea? Janelle is a Fuking Evil Lunatic, Lock her away Please, and apparently I am still on her go to Hell list, Fuk off you Lizard Eyed Nobody.
This are just some of the Fraud, lies and antics they come up with for Attention etc. They make me want to puke. No I Don't believe in them any more and Ashamed that I ever did.

 This is someone destroying the false idol of ashera

this is ashera and her boyfriend bael baal beal beelzebub

this cult of golightly(false name) deny this is real
they say the holocaust never happened and that Hitler was a swell guy

This is how they induct people into their cult

meet sherrie
the "reincarnate" of MM lol
here she is being possessed by her ashkenazic dr...FINKLESTEIN

(Frankenstein because he has truly created a monster)

google MKultra

Sherrie wants to destroy alex jones 
this is a page from her facebook
WHY you may ask
this is why

To be continued.....

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