Wednesday, March 27, 2013

They are impersonating the pope on facebook

Now, notice how this post from the pope was made near TORONTO ONTARIO. Seem a bit fishy? What's he doing in Canada?

this was their excuse

Roman Pontiff Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI The Note says sent from Toronto, Ontario because for some reason the internet was slow for us. I attempted to send the letter to my friend in Toronto, Mon. Giovanni Rossini, and he sent the letter from there because there was too much information. 

Mon. Giovanni Rossini


Brian Marshall (617)4192 -7407

103 North Shore Avenue

toogoon queensland
Australia 4655

this man claims to be speaking to the pope and claiming the former pope will announce to the world that this charleton is the christ.

He is the leader of a cult...he steals money beats and cheats on his wife.. his children can't stand him... and he moved his fake pregnant girlfriend into his wife's house.

He is a fraud and a phony and he is not royal and is not the christ. He makes these grandiose claims and has not produced anything in the way of evidence except for wrong numerology 

He fakes cures and travels the world scrounging off the poor and lives in splendor off of donations.None of the people in the house work a job.How do they afford to live.This man is a con artist and they have a million websites and screen names...they stalk harass and vilify anyone who dares to question his lies and deciet and he is certainly nothing like Christ...

They blasphemy the holy word of God and treat the bible with disdain but use it when it suits their purpose

This man loves Hitler and thinks he is a saint 

He wants to kill Jewish children 

there are many people fighting these people who are stalkers and harassers on the internet to anyone who dares question their belief system...

these people are dangerous and should be regarded as liars and the father of them.

this is a lady who was got sucked into the cult and got out by the Grace of the true Creator...

On the side you will see blogs these will educate you on the operations of this cult

Please look into this farce...I'm sure impersonating and pretending to be the pope is a crime.

IP comes from Toronto where you may find Miss Sherrie Lea Laird a cult member and a wicked woman who hates the Hebrew people...she is the fake pope.

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